Simple…your business needs customers via the path of least resistance. This path consists of lead generation, brand discovery, and the overall thought-leadership required when building a long-term successful business – in your local community or specific niche in the industry served. Marketing is fundamental to business the same as accounting, operations, sales, and such. PGI Marketing was founded as a marketing company to help our local, national, and international clients/partners reach their potential while focusing on what they do best (grow their business, of course!).

We are a traffic company, both online and offline, for corporations to generate demand for their product and/or service and we’re proven experts with a track-record of success. Traffic is crucial for any company – you need new potential customers visiting your site, checking out your Facebook, attending your booth at a trade show, to find the solution your enterprise offers them so they can purchase and solve their need. This is a primary driver for PGI Marketing being a traffic company with a particular expertise around search engine optimization (SEO)