Search Engine Optimization (SEO) = Best ROI for Customer Acquisition Costs

If your business wants to maximize organic customer conversions originating from Google, you need to invest in a long-term ranking strategy.

This long-term investment must rank your business’ website in the first-position [on Page ONE] of Google for the conversion rate to realize double, triple or even better multiples of growth when compared to your competition.

We all know how tempting it is to put together a simple Google or Facebook Ad by using CPM, PPC, CPA or CPV strategies for paid advertising. While this approach works for establishing viable channels in the marketing-mix, paid advertising can be expensive with the costs quickly adding up as the law of diminishing returns applies.

There’s a better way to get your website to show up #1 on Google with your brand receiving the recognition it deserves.

Search Engine Optimization, better known as SEO, is the best long-term investment you can make for your company by entering into the digital race of movers and shakers to fight the good fight within your industry. SEO is a proven channel for reliable, cost-effective lead generation when compared to search advertising, social media and other forms of inbound and outbound marketing. 

Many people ask whether they should choose SEO over PPC, or vice-versa. The truth is your business most likely wants to do both once enough data is available to make that decision. Albeit, we focus on why a comprehensive SEO strategy is very important for your long-term growth in this article.

Think about SEO and Digital Advertising as a real estate investment.

One of the basic needs of survival is to have a place to live, somewhere that you can call home and that provides safety from the elements / bad actors. Some people will rent, while others will purchase – this is the same with Digital Advertising and SEO. As most businesses grow in size, they mix these two primary channels to continuously expand the brand and corporate operations with new customers flowing in.

Digital Advertising (PPC) is similar to renting a unit in an apartment building. You can make it your home although with certain reservations for the long haul. PPC can range in costs similar to an apartment building depending on the type of unit, the finishes, and most importantly the location. Depending on the amount you bid or commit to per action, the placement of the ad when your customer is searching for your service or product will move up or down on the search engine results page if using an SEM strategy for PPC lead generation.


We view SEO similar to purchasing a home for a long-term investment hold period. There is always maintenance to perform, while at the end of the day it is your home and any modifications to the property, as much or little as you want, is fully at your discretion minus HOA rules and regulations.

SEO is the same concept under a digital foundation. We start with a campaign set-up fee, for which, we built the strong, solid foundation for your site on Google and other major search engines. Implied Marketing [then] performs monthly maintenance to further increase the visibility of campaign digital assets organically directly to your customers on Google. We are able to make changes depending on the data collected from customers to better help their needs.

Most importantly, just as though your residential property will increase in value, your digital website will increase the enterprise value of the underlying brand by ranking #1 on Google search. The top-tier location on major search engines will capture the traffic you want coming to your site, therefore, building top-line revenue for bottom-line profitability.

Just like building a home, you hire the best professionals for something you’re going to own for a period of time and to capture resale value – with the same principals applying for your digital marketing team. Your business needs the best of the best to set itself up for dominating your respective market online – this is where Implied Marketing is best suited to be in your corner and be your #1 cheerleader!