Sales conversion is the bottom line of advertising. You may rank high for a particular keyword in the search engine but it does not automatically mean that it will instantly give you a high conversion rate. This is the reason why you have to reconnect with potentials customers who already have visited your site. In this article, we will show you the best ways how to reconnect and re-engage with your e-commerce site visitors.

3 Best Ways to Re-engage With Website Visitors

#1 Develop your e-mail list
You can do this technique by offering something that has value to your site visitors. Whether it is a podcast, tutorial video, or an e-book, people will most likely subscribe to your e-mail list if you offer it for free.

#2 Reach out through the social media profiles of your site visitors
When you already have built an e-mail list, you can use Twitter or Facebook custom audiences app for social media marketing as well as Google AdWords for pay-per-click advertising to reach out to your potential customers.

#3 Develop a remarketed list for your search ads
Crafting a remarketed list for your search ads is effective in engaging with people who are already aware of the existence of your e-commerce site. Visit Moz Blog for more information about this retargeting system.